In addition to the regular maintenance we have ambitious projects to carry out urgent repairs on All Saints’ Tower, to install modern amenities (kitchenette & equal-access WC) and start an exciting heritage programme to appeal to a wide audience. The heritage activity programme will focus on three main areas: Art, History & Heritage, and Nature & Outdoors. There will be many ways to participate, ranging from individual pursuits to group sessions, e.g tile designs, bat-watching, photographic projects, etc.

Although planning started six years ago, currently the church is closed to allow building work to take place. Scaffolding is erected around the Tower to give access to the parapets, pinnacles, stonework and other exterior parts that need replacing. Foundations and drainage are being put in place for the small extension on the north side that will house the amenities. It is expected that the capital building works should be completed by spring/early summer 2023, but the trial of the heritage programme will continue until summer 2024.

Kick-started by generous local fund-raising, over the past couple of years other grants have been pledged by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Friends of Essex Churches Trust, Essex Heritage Trust, Benefact Trust, National Churches Trust and other funders to make our dreams a reality – the overall cost will be near £750,000. We have to find at least a third of the funds ourselves, local public support is vital.  Click here to find out how you can help.